About Us

“Discover our mission at ‘Hope For That Child,’ where compassion meets action. Learn how we empower futures.”


Great Community Impact

“Hope For That Child transforms lives, nurturing underprivileged children in Ghana for a brighter, empowered community future.”

About Us

Children's safe haven

Hope For That Child is a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana that is dedicated to helping underprivileged school children in areas concerning their welfare, education and recreation.

“We do this by providing these children with basic necessities to make going and staying in school convenient and enjoyable…”

Our main project is THE GIRL PROJECT which tackles period poverty problems affecting Underprivileged School Girls in Ghana. However, in the near future we have plans on working on other great Projects that involves issues that affect a lot of vulnerable child. We believe all children should be given equal opportunities to thrive!
So they are able to define their future and change the world.

Our Core Values

The solid foundations we hold unto

“At the heart of ‘Hope For That Child’ are our core values, guiding principles that define our mission, shape our actions, and reflect our commitment to making a positive impact. These values serve as the foundation of our organization, embodying the essence of compassion, empowerment, inclusivity, transparency, sustainability, community engagement, integrity, innovation, advocacy, and collaboration. Together, they form the framework through which we strive to create lasting change and build a better future for underprivileged children in Ghana.”

Our Vision

"We are dedicated to ensuring each child's access to fundamental resources, fostering their educational, welfare, and recreational well-being for thriving lives."


Our mission is to provide every child with access to the basic things they need to thrive in their education, welfare and recreation.


Empower underprivileged children in Ghana through education, resources, and community support, breaking the cycle of poverty for lasting impact.


Valentina Akosua Opoku

“THE GIRL PROJECT was founded due to my personal experience with #Periodpoverty. As a young lady in the University of Ghana, there were several months I had to skip lectures, tutorials etc., as I could not afford sanitary pads during my menstrual days. And days that I really had to go, I used toilet rolls as a substitute.

Due to my experience, I always wanted to support underprivileged School Girls. Upon research, I realized that Period Poverty was actually a major problem affecting thousands of young girls in rural areas in Ghana, and this situation interferes with their education and performance. And I knew I definitely had to do something about it.”

Advocacy Journey

Valentina's journey, from personal struggle to founder, unveils impactful advocacy.

Impact Stories

Tangible transformations illuminate The Girl Project's profound impact on lives.


Yolanda Boehi

I always wanted to support a worthy cause from a very young age. So when Valentina told me about THE GIRL PROJECT, and how underprivileged School Girls lives could be transformed with something as little as sanitary pads, I knew I wanted to be part of This great initiative.

I am truly happy and grateful that together with everyone who supports us we can make a difference in young people’s lives.

Cross-Cultural Engagement:

Bridge cultures, impacting underprivileged girls globally with The Girl Project.

Innovative Fundraising:

Pioneering creative approaches, driving impactful fundraising for transformative initiatives.


Meet with our Super Volunteers

“Meet the heart and soul of our mission: our dedicated volunteers. Together, we create impact and inspire change. 💙🌟 #VolunteerHeroes”

Abena Larson

Abena Larson

Abena Larson

"Our quest to provide free dignity kits for school girls annually, continues..."