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Period Empowerment

Through this initiative, we have had the opportunity to educate and empower school girls about their periods and speak to them about it in a shame-free way.

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Great Community Impact

“Hope For That Child transforms lives, nurturing underprivileged children in Ghana for a brighter, empowered community future.”

About Us

Children's safe haven

Hope For That Child is a registered Non-Governmental Organization in Ghana that is dedicated to helping underprivileged school children in areas concerning their welfare, education and recreation.


“We do this by providing these children with basic necessities to make going and staying in school convenient and enjoyable…”

Welfare Focus

Enhancing children's lives through essential support.

Education Empowerment

Enabling underprivileged youth for a brighter future.

Our Projects

The Girl Project - Period Empowerment

The Girl Project tackles Period Poverty issues affecting Underprivileged School Girls in all Rural government schools across the regions of Ghana. We Educate and Empower them about their Menstruation, so they feel confident and stay in school.

“We reach and provide #1000s of school Girls every year with FREE DIGNITY KITS that lasts them for 12 months plus.”

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Outreach in Schools



Outreach in Schools



Outreach in Schools

active donations

See our donations in supplies to school-girls across Ghana

"Our quest to provide free dignity kits for school girls annually, continues..."


What Donors Say

"Educating a woman means educating a whole nation" With a tiny amount of money, you can have such a huge impact in improving today's world. I will always donate again! Join me to tell others!"

Theresia Social worker, Germany

"The best Thing about it in my view, is that a small amount of money can have such a large impact on an entire Generation of girls, being kept in School, instead of shamefully staying at home, for lack of proper period toiletries, therefore falling behind even more."

Fara Schätzle-Notter Switzerland

"$5 is an amount you pay to buy a cup of coffee and how much coffee does one drink in a day? Knowing that, $5 could keep a girl in school for 2 years+ , I definitely had to donate."

Nadine Bdil Zielinsky Growth Mentor, InspireWorks

"I couldn't believe it, when I realized there are girls in rural areas who do not know what sanitary pads are and have never used them before. The Girl project is a great initiative to support."

Persis Faith Optson Human Resource Manager, Ghana

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+233 (24) 416 1779

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