The Girl Project - Period Empowerment

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The Girl Project tackles Period Poverty issues affecting Underprivileged School Girls in all Rural government schools across the regions of Ghana. We Educate and Empower them about their Menstruation, so they feel confident and stay in school.

“We reach and provide #1000s of school Girls every year with FREE DIGNITY KITS that lasts them for 12 months plus.”

For a lot of girls worldwide, menstruation is a monthly reality. Yet in many countries especially Africa, people still face serious challenges when it comes to managing their periods. Unhygienic materials used for menstruation, Myths, stigma, and harmful gender norms around menstruation exacerbate the difficulties for girls and women across the world.

The main aim of The Girl Project is to sustainably address the Period Poverty situation we currently face in Ghana. We do this by providing underprivileged schoolgirls with free DIGNITY KITS that last them for 12 months plus.


Together with local government schools we train and educate girls about menstrual hygiene and talk about them in a shame-free way.

“We also distribute menstrual hygiene materials in schools and teach girls how to manage their periods, so they feel confident and stay in school.”

During the Past year, THE GIRL PROJECT has reached over nine hundred schoolgirls in rural areas in Ghana, and we have seen measurable results. Most of these girls’ attendance and performance at school has increased greatly and they have the confidence to fully participate in school.

What then are the benefits of Period Empowerment ?

By improving menstrual health and tackling period-shame we can;

  • Improve girls’ attendance and performance at school.
  • Break down taboos and misconceptions around menstruation.
  • Raise girls’ self-esteem
  • Enable girls to fully participate in all aspects of society.

Who Are We

Our Progress So Far

On the 2nd of February 2021, through your kind donations, we were able to ship 100 packs of Reusable sanitary pads to Ghana. On the 5th of February, we visited one school in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Tinkong MA JHS. We educated the girls about their menstruation, we taught them ways to manage their periods properly, so they are confident to participate in school. We distributed 100 packs of reusable sanitary pads to girls in Junior High School 1 to 3. We also interacted with girls about how the period poverty situation is affecting them. So, they opened up to tell us how their parents are unable to afford sanitary pads for them, and most of these girls do not have access to underwear and as a result they are forced to use unhygienic materials like toilet rolls, papers, rugs etc. to manage their periods. And some of these girls who do not want to go through embarrassment are forced to stay out of school till their menstruation is over.

Community Impacts

What is a Dignity Kit?

The girl project dignity kit is for meeting the very basic need of every underprivileged girl or woman, so they feel confident and dignified and are able to participate in every aspect of society. It contains basic items that every girl or woman need to maintain hygiene and respect in society. It comprises; reusable sanitary pads, underwear, carrying pouch, bath soap, washing soap, shaving sticks, hand sanitizer.

Why a Dignity Kit?

The Dignity Kit provides a complete set of basic items needed by every girl or woman of menstrual age to help maintain good hygiene.


The Dignity Kit also provides a gateway for us to educate these girls and women about their reproductive health. During our outreach and distribution session, we take it as an opportunity to educate the schoolgirls about their menstrual health and we teach them ways they can manage their periods properly.

"Our quest to provide free dignity kits for school girls annually, continues..."