For a lot of girls worldwide, menstruation is a monthly reality. Yet in many countries especially Africa, people still face serious challenges when it comes to managing their periods. Unhygienic materials used for menstruation, Myths, stigma, and harmful gender norms around menstruation exacerbate the difficulties for girls and women across the world.

The main aim of The Girl Project is to sustainably address the Period Poverty situation we currently face in Ghana. We do this by providing underprivileged school girls with free reusable sanitary pads that last them for 2 years plus.

Together with local government schools we train and educate girls about menstrual hygiene and talk about them in a shame-free way.

We also distribute menstrual hygiene materials in schools and teach girls how to manage their periods so they feel confident and stay in school.

During the Past year, THE GIRL PROJECT has reached out to over six hundred school girls in rural areas in Ghana and we have seen measurable results. Most of these girls’ attendance and performance at school has increased greatly and they have the confidence to fully participate in school.


By improving menstrual health and tackling period-shame we can;

· Improve girls attendance and performance at school;

· Break down taboos and misconceptions around menstruation;

· Raise girls’ self-esteem

· Enable girls to fully participate in all aspects of society.

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